Hypocrite: Herschel Walker Wants to Ban Abortion – But He’s Paid for His Girlfriend to Get One

Herschel Walker has built his Senate run in Georgia on conservative values.

To be more precise, he’s built it on extremist conservative values. The former football legend wants to ban abortion altogether, calling it “murder” and saying there should be no exception for rape, incest, or to save the mother’s life.

While it’s a dangerous set of beliefs, it wouldn’t be noteworthy if not for one pesky little detail: Walker has paid for an abortion.

A woman who wanted to remain anonymous spoke with The Daily Beast this week to share that after she and Walker got pregnant in 2009 while dating, he urged her to get an abortion. The woman said she needed to come forward after Walker made so much noise with his public stance on abortion, explaining, “I just can’t with the hypocrisy anymore. We all deserve better.”

The woman says she initially paid for the procedure but that Walker reimbursed her. The claims were bolstered by a $575 receipt from the abortion clinic, a “get well” card from Walker, and a bank deposit receipt, including an image of a signed $700 personal check from Walker.

The $125 difference results from a “ballpark” estimate for the procedure that Google gave, as well as travel and recovery costs. The woman says Walker, not married at the time, told her it would be more convenient to get an abortion because it was “not the right time” for him to become a father.

This is the same year Walker had an out-of-wedlock child with another woman.

How awkward.

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