Holocaust Museum of LA Hit with Anti-Semitic Messages After Inviting Kanye West for a Private Tour

The Holocaust Museum of Los Angeles says it has been flooded with antisemitic messages after they offered Kanye West a private tour, and he rejected the invitation.

West has been kicked off multiple social media platforms and has lost a handful of significant brand deals over antisemitic comments he made online and in interviews. The Holocaust Museum reached out to offer him a tour and try to educate him.

West denied the offer on the “Drink Champs Podcast” and said Planned Parenthood was his Holocaust museum.

CEO of the Holocaust Museum of LA Beth Kean said, “We publicly invited him to come to the museum, and he publicly rejected our offer.” She explained the invitation; “I think Kanye has more than double the amount of Twitter followers than Jews are living in this world. People like Kanye have a huge platform; he has over 30 million Twitter followers, and he needs to understand that he needs to use his words to inspire and not incite and to not perpetuate hate, lies, and antisemitism.”

After Ye rejected the invitation, the Holocaust Museum took to Twitter to explain what happened next: “Ye, since we invited you to visit us at Holocaust Museum LA, we have received a tremendous amount of social media messages and comments…some filled with hate, threats, and vitriol. Others were saddled with hurt and yearned for further discourse.” They continued, “To those who are using this as a platform to continue to spew hate, we have a message for you: You will not discourage us from our mission to share the lessons of the Holocaust to commemorate those who were murdered, to educate all who will listen and learn.”

They added, “Ye, you have over 30m Twitter followers (twice as many Twitter followers as the total number of Jews on earth). You and anyone reading this can make a difference. You can choose to join us in building bridges rather than tearing them down.”

Ye has not replied. But then again, he’s busy being dropped by any business with scruples.

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