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Here's What's Next Now That a Special Master is Assigned to the Mar-a-Lago Investigation - Factz


Here’s What’s Next Now That a Special Master is Assigned to the Mar-a-Lago Investigation

It’s been a rollercoaster past month and a half for not only Donald Trump but the entire country.

Ever since his private residence, Mar-a-Lago, was first raided by the Department of Justice in early August, things have been hectic, to say the least.

From accusations of impropriety by FBI agents to revelations that Trump was keeping highly classified documents – some of which are still missing – the information has been coming to the public a mile a minute.

Now, things are starting to settle into a more ordered path after a judge appointed a special master to oversee the document sorting of things seized from the former President’s residence.

US District Judge Aileen Cannon appointed Raymond Dearie, a federal judge out of Brooklyn, to be the special master overseeing the documents.

He will review the materials seized, and lawyers for both the DOJ and Trump’s team will have a chance to bandy back and forth over what’s privileged information and what’s not – and what’s classified and what’s not.

Cannon gave the special master until November 30 to wrap up his documents review, which is slower than DOJ lawyers hoped but longer than the Trump team requested.

The Department of Justice has requested that Cannon allow them to process documents as part of their criminal investigation, but Cannon placed it on pause – except for documents she says that they have the ability to determine are inextricably linked to their case.

Cannon did not provide clarity on how they should determine whether documents were appropriately inextricably linked or not, and that argument will be part of an appeal filed by the DOJ if Cannon doesn’t let them resume processing documents and using them in the course of their investigation.

Their appeal could make it all the way to the Supreme Court, which has in the past rejected arguments from Trump’s legal team that White House documents should be withheld from January 6 investigators.

For now, Dearie will be going through the documents and lawyers from both sides will battle over designations.

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6 months ago

I wish my friends would call me Special Master. Kinda cool 😂