Henry Cavill Confirms He’s Coming ‘Back as Superman’ For Future DC Films

If you can’t get enough of Henry Cavill, there’s some good news: he’ll be back as Superman in upcoming DC films.

The “The Witcher” and “Man of Steel” star is making official, announcing that he will definitely be reprising his role as Superman.

Cavill released a video confirming his role after the Man of Steel returned for a mid-credits scene in ‘Black Adam”, which stars Dwayne Johnson.

In the video, Cavill said, “I wanted to make it official – I am back as Superman.” After thanking the fans, “most of all.” Cavill added, “Thank you for your support and your patience.”

According to Cavill, what audiences saw of Superman in “Black Adam” was “a tiny taste” of what they could expect.

For now, at least one movie is in the works – another standalone Superman movie, the first for Cavill since 2013’s “Man of Steel.”

Between filming “The Witcher” and the new DC films, it’s impressive that Cavill even had time to confirm the role – but fans are rejoicing.


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