Heated Press Conference Leads to Brawl Between Security Teams Ahead of Paul vs. Diaz Fight

Following a fiery press conference filled with expletives and verbal sparring, fighters Paul and Diaz faced off in front of the Dallas crowd without incident.

However, tensions boiled over when their security teams clashed in a chaotic on-stage melee. Punches were thrown as security guards and teams representing Paul and Diaz engaged in pushing and shoving, erupting into mayhem before being separated by other guards.

During the press conference, Diaz called out a member of Paul’s security team, citing a past altercation. While it remains unclear if the same security guard was involved in the brawl, Diaz expressed his disdain towards him and taunted Paul, who continued to propose an MMA rematch after their boxing match.

Despite the ugly scene, Diaz appeared unfazed, having experienced worse incidents in his career, such as the water bottle-throwing incident with Conor McGregor in 2016. In response to the brawl, Diaz emphasized his focus on the competition and expressed readiness for a full-blown war.

In a social media post after the incident, Paul claimed that Diaz’s team was upset and claimed assault, alleging that they swung first, resulting in someone needing stitches once the chaos subsided. Paul criticized the response as “fake gangster” behavior.