Hailey Bieber Wants You to Vote: Here’s What You Need to Know About Midterm Elections and Why They’re Important

Hailey Bieber recently unveiled a campaign encouraging people to get out and vote ahead of the midterm elections today.

But what are midterm elections, and why do they matter? Here’s a quick summary of what you need to know about voting in the midterms and why you should absolutely do it:

  • Midterm elections are exactly what they sound like. They occur in the *middle* of a presidential *term*, hence “midterm.”
  • You do not vote for presidents during midterm elections, but there are a number of very consequential races anyway. Senators and Representatives are up for reelection across the US on a federal level.
  • Local candidates are just as important. Superintendents of county school boards, whether or not to retain local judges, sheriffs, governors, or mayors – these are all vital to your day-to-day living experience, and many will be on the ballot during a midterm election.
  • Although they often don’t get the same feverish coverage in the media, midterm elections are vital for shaping the next president’s term. After all, he or she will enter the White House facing the candidates you pick in the midterm – and whether or not they can work together is a vital component of just how effective an administration can be.
  • People often focus on presidents and miss the fact that the Congress (Senate and House of Representatives) are the ones who actually draft legislation.
  • Midterms even affect Supreme Court nominations because the next time a SCOTUS seat is vacant, those in Congress will need to approve a new appointee.

In short, midterm elections are always important. But this year’s could be the most consequential ever.

After all, a number of election result deniers and anti-voting-access candidates are on the ballot – do you know who they are in your state and local district?

If people want to freely pick their president in 2024, these elections will need to be navigated carefully.

Get out and vote today, and protect your right to vote in the future.


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