Hailey and Justin Bieber Getting Coffee Like Normal People

As much as I want to give love to Justin Bieber for always making Hailey Bieber know she is his forever Queen. I’m more fascinated by the fact that this woman working on her computer has no idea the most famous couple on the planet is about to walk by her.

This moment gives me joy for a couple of reasons:

  1. I like when JB can get a taste of ordinary life. He gets zero peace, and the pressure he is under to make the world happy isn’t worth it.
  2. The way JB holds Hailey’s hand and focuses on her, like nothing in the world matters … gives me hope for love.

Okay, carry on. Let’s let the Biebers have their peace. Now make a baby so that everyone can make more money #FACTZ.


  • Nik the woman on the computer has purple hair color what do you expect? She is probably knee deep discovering a new pronoun or studying ways to complicate the human race even more.

    • Stop assuming, she could be an engineer for NASA. You just don’t know. Not everyone is purple hair is a bad person or democrat.

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