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Google Glass is About to Be Discontinued ... Again



Google Glass is About to Be Discontinued … Again

Google announced this week that it has stopped selling Google Glass Enterprise Edition, marking another end to a Glass product that was meant to start a revolution in the world of augmented reality.

Glass was first launched to a limited audience in 2013, touted as a revolutionary computing platform. It was a headset consisting of a heads-up display (HUD) and built-in camera that allowed users to see a small amount of information while capturing images of the world around the user.

Some tech people loved it from the start, but it had an awkward appearance and application. And people worried that the device would violate the privacy of people around the user.

The first version was discontinued in 2015, but two years later Google announced plans to launch Google Glass Enterprise Edition, scaling back their plans to sell the device for limited uses in industries that included medicine, construction and more. Enterprise 2 was launched in 2019 – and that one is what has been axed.

As of now, Google hasn’t announced any plans for a new Glass product in the future. However, they do appear to be working on other augmented reality devices which could have a similar function or structure to Glass.

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