Get Ready With Alix Earle For Chanel NYFW

The show goes on … Alix Earle is parading #NYFW in top designer styles. Yesterday, showed off to her followers a timeless Chanel ensemble that she wore for the fashion house’s runway show.

The social media star shares, “So I went to this morning with them and we chose this outfit (which she held up in the video).” Adding, “I feel like this is a very classic Chanel look, and it’s fun colors. The events colorful.”

Earle is dressed in a purple mini-skirt that appears to be tweed with black line accents. She wore a matching button-down jacket on top, leaving one button undone, and paired it with beautiful Chanel accessories as well.

“They gave me this fun purple bag to match. A ton of fun accessories,” says Earle.

And, although loving her look and being excited, Earle admitted to being nervous for the event as well. “I don’t know what to say right now because I’m so nervous,” she says in her video.

Although, besides the nerves, the look from Chanel was stunning.