Gen Z is Not Happy with the Voting Process

Now that midterms are a thing of the past, FACTZ decided to speak with our Gen Z base to get their thoughts. We talked to Gen Z-ers on both the Democrat and Republican side and their answers were the same.

Mainly, the process is way too archaic. Here are the top five responses we received:

  • “I had to ask my 75-year-old father how to fill out my scantron. It’s 2022. Why can’t these older adults in office stop bitching about tech and embrace it? Voting shouldn’t be a test or make me feel like I live in the 1900s.”
  • “I’m not a billionaire like Musk, but why is he buying Twitter when he can make an app that’s secure to vote on? It would give him the ego trip he wants and be much cheaper.”
  • “I didn’t vote. I don’t even know where my mailbox is and I’m not waiting in a line.”
  • “We have a 90-year-old President who has ruined America. Do you really want me to mail it in? Our voice doesn’t matter. My parents can vote for me. My life has not changed because of politics. My friends and I are just trying to wake up without all the old farts telling us we will be nuked tomorrow.”
  • “I waited in line for 2 hours and my person still lost. What a waste! I can buy concert tickets on StubHub, but I had to wait in the rain to get a sticker.”

As much as Gen Z is upset … they are right. Why isn’t there a voting blockchain or some secure encrypted voting system?


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