FTX Files for Bankruptcy Protection as CEO Bankman-Fried Resigns – Video from Two Weeks Ago Shows Signs of Stress

Well, in the end, FTX couldn’t be saved. FACTZ has obtained an exclusive video of Sam Bankman-Fried from October 26, 2022. He spoke at the FII conference- a high-brow event that is ‘invite only’ by KSA.

Famous movie producer Gordon Bijelonic who attended the event in Saudi Arabia, tells FACTZ that “he [Bankman-Fried] looked extremely nervous and jerky the entire time. You could tell his thoughts were somewhere else during the panel. It was more than just nerves. Now we know why.”

The crypto company made a last-ditch attempt to receive a shot in the arm from Binance, but Binance backed out of the deal when they took a good long look at FTX’s books.

That probably should have been a sign of how bad things were about to get.

FTX has filed for bankruptcy protection in the US, and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has resigned.

His successor is John Ray III, the same individual who oversaw the Enron Corporation bankruptcy.

Ray told employees this week, “in the short term, we have some long days and hard work ahead of us,” but called the filing “the beginning of a path forward.”

Bankman-Fried took to Twitter with an apology, adding, “hopefully, things can find a way to recover.”


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