Former Howard Stern Show Staffers in MAJOR Beef

Stuttering John Melendez has lashed out at current and former employees at his old job, The Howard Stern Show.

Shuli Egar was a writer, producer, and on-air correspondent for Howard’s show for 15 years.

Melendez, for years, would slam and trash Egar even though these two never worked together. A few months ago, Egar finally decided to fight back by dissecting Stuttering John’s Podcast clips and goofing on Melendez with fellow comedians Mike Morse and the Reverend Bob Levy.

The show is called The Uncle Rico Show, named after the character in Napoleon Dynamite who can’t stop living in the past. Since Egar and friends have started fighting back, the numbers for YouTube-Patreon have skyrocketed.

Melendez has burned every bridge he’s been on and has found a way to make himself so easy to goof on and make money off … unless you’re Melendez himself.

“This is in no way personal. This is about comedy,” Rev. Bob Levy tells FACTZ.

Recently Egar did an east coast tour that ended in Long Island, where Stuttering John grew up. According to Egar, he was tipped off that Melendez had asked some friends to pay Shuli a visit at the comedy club to scare him by threatening him.

Saturday night, as the show started, Egar was confronted by an old friend of Melendez’s who was using a cane to move around and was told to lay off the podcast goofing on Melendez or else. The gentleman also told Egar that it wasn’t far for him and it wouldn’t take long for him to get to Egar’s residence in Alabama.

Egar in an Uncle Rico Episode (32), broke down the entire story. What followed was a flood of people on Twitter calling Melendez out for what he had done.

Egar gave Melendez a chance on Twitter to come clean about what he had done, or he would get the truth out without him. Stuttering John responded on Twitter by saying this is all a lie and called him “pathetic.” As a result of all of this “beef,” Egar is trending on Twitter, and his podcast continues to soar.


  • Shuli and SJ are *both* irrelevant has-beens!
    They should join forces with Chad Zumock and Opie. God bless the world of dysfunctional comedy podcasts which empowers all of these clowns.

  • Stern is a joke and people are starting to realize it. He needs to go back to be I guess funny and entertaining and stop turning everything so political.

  • I was at the show at mcguires on Long Island. Egar killed it. High pitch Eric was there too. Now I’m gonna go listen to the podcast. Had no idea of the drama going on

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