Florida Dems Put Eggs in Charlie Crist Basket to Oust Ron DeSantis

Florida is one of those weird states where the Republicans are a little whacky and the Democrats are even whackier, so it makes sense that this year’s governor showdown is going to be bizarre. Crist is a former Republican – although whether or not you can actually deprogram from Conservative beliefs is a question better left to psychiatric professionals – and a two-time loser. He played a bit role as a one-term Florida governor a few years ago, lost in two subsequent major races, left the Republican party, and now he’s back and ready to take on – no, that can’t possibly be right.

The democrats chose a two-time loser to take on Ron DeSantis? Ron DeSantis, the world’s most popular Republican right now? There’s something in the water in that state and it’s probably not just alligators. Crist received some major endorsements and reminded Floridian voters that the only viable challenger, Florida’s current Commissioner of Agriculture, is buddy-buddy with Matt Gaetz, the Florida Democrat’s nemesis.

But lest we forget, Fried was the only Democrat to win a major ticket race in the 2020 election. Everything else was swept by Republicans. So knocking her on her rear in favor of the chronic loser Crist is one of those, “you get what you pay for” moments that the Democrats may reap bad harvest from in November.

That’s not to say Crist has no redeeming qualities – he absolutely does. If you’re a Republican, anyway. To be fair, Crist is a center-of-the-road moderate who likes the environment, gay people and smiling – and DeSantis hates that last one, so maybe he has a fighting chance. But you have to admit it’s a little weird that the only popular Democrat in the party, with a proven record, is once again unseated for the old white guy who can’t seem to rake in the votes – doesn’t that sound familiar? Joe Biden, anyone?

It’s clear that the Democratic party is slow to learn its lesson and it’s going to bite them in the end in November. DeSantis is popular and getting hotter by the day, especially as he distances himself from the cult of Trump. In order to dethrone the world’s favorite Republican darling, Crist is going to have to come out swinging – and he may just not have enough Old Spice for the fight he’s got in store.

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