Fentanyl Found Disguised in Candy Packaging – Halloween WARNING

It’s every parent’s secret greatest fear: the idea that those myths about hidden drugs in Halloween candy could be true and could harm their kids.

But now, that myth has taken a dark and real turn after a former DEA official has warned that Fentanyl has been found disguised in candy packaging.

A recent drug seizure found Fentanyl disguised in Skittles and Nerd packaging, worrying many that the targets of the brightly colored and fatal opiates could be children.

Former DEA official Derek Maltz spoke on Fox & Friends this week, explaining, “We’re seeing an unprecedented amount of kids dying as young as 13 years old.” He added, “And we know now, the DEA says, that 40% of the pills contain a potentially lethal dose of fentanyl.”

Maltz says, “It’s deadly fentanyl, and it’s flooding our streets like we’ve never seen,” and warns parents to be proactive.

The former official told parents to inspect the packaging closely and to report anything that seems off immediately, but not to touch it because it’s deadly even when absorbed through the skin.

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