Feds Locked Up Millions in Illegal Crypto – and Thiefs Stole it as They Helplessly Watched

The government seized millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency in a legal case against a man named Larry Harmon.

They locked up the crypto in a “secure” computer device.

But in comes Gary Harmon, Larry’s brother, and he swiped 713 digital tokens from right under the noses of the Feds as they watched helplessly – totaling around $ million.

Somehow Gary was able to steal the coins from the “hardware wallet” where it was kept as evidence.

Gary may have gotten away with it, but he couldn’t resist sharing an image of himself in a bathtub full of dollar bills with half-naked women surrounding him – a sure sign of a sudden financial windfall.

Larry has since pled guilty to laundering $311M through crypto transactions. Like any loyal brother, he pointed the finger right at little brother Gary who is now in a federal jail in D.C. awaiting his trial. Larry is free on bail.

That family reunion will be one for the ages – whenever they’re both out of prison.


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