Fake Blues: Op-Ed from Instagram Banner OBN Brandon – Part 2

Memorializing on #Meta’s Instagram – a few years ago, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, and Heiko Hebig got memorialized by my former partner and myself under the name “Homingsv2.”

Why did we do this?

Because my account was named @obn.here (1M real followers) and my former partner @homingsv2 on Instagram was permanently deleted by Meta, they never emailed me. Nothing.

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A few weeks later, to see what would happen, the person who recovered it was a very high-end rep at Meta. I paid him $5,000 to get my account back. Once it was back, a few days later, my account was gone again, and the representative got fired.

So I had enough of Instagram, my partner and I submitted obituary’s towards Adam Mosseri @mosseri and Heiko Hebig @hebig as they are high-end, and Mosseri is the head of Instagram. Within the next day, they both got memorialized and put remembering next to their names. Hebig’s account came back quicker than Mosseri’s.

Mosseri, the head of Instagram, took 4-5 hours, which is funny, in my opinion. Once Mosseri came back, he didn’t address it or anything. We memorialized with obituaries- we make fake obituary’s under the closest name of theirs. We memorialized Mosseri with the name Mosser Shives and Hebig under the name of Heiko Kaiser.

As for our verification service – for the past months, I partnered with a guy named Dillon Shamoun to do verification on the platform of Instagram. We got insane clients. We would charge them each $25,000 to $50,000 if it were a bundle.

All we had to do was get you musician pictures, making it seem like you are a musician. We post music, and a Spotify account for you in your bio with fake music. We don’t submit you until two weeks after your page is set up and looks like a musician.

We then set up your Google panel to have a picture of you with the music linked. We then submit you via a musician rep at Meta. They [Meta rep] always handle it under the profile names of “MsJkillerQueen,” “Nerdy,” “Ratchet Child’s Moore,” and a few more. Once you’re verified, you can change your profile name around.

There you go, Fake Blue 101. Thank you, Nik Richie and the FACTZ team, for having me.


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