Fake Blues: Op-Ed from Instagram Banner OBN Brandon – Part 1

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. My name is obnbrandon, preferably known as “OBN,” the log-out king. They call me the log-out king because I have deleted multiple celebrities + influencers on Meta & Instagram. You will now ask how you can do this- let me address some stuff directly.

If you have a verified page, no matter if it’s stolen or you own it, you want to copy your victim’s account, such as bio and profile picture; it must be a human profile picture for it to work. It can sometimes be non-human, but Instagram support must be open for it to get banned entirely. Now once you copy everything, you go to the account and report it as impersonating a celebrity. Once you see the name of your verified account, click report! This is a thing that’s been happening for years. No one has spoken about it until now.

I’ll make sure everything gets patched, and I’ll be known for doing that.

Now for verified pages to get deleted if they are posting violence, anything that goes into Instagram community guidelines, you want to report them once you see the story going down. That’s one violation added to their account. If they keep repeatedly getting violations, then their account will go down. You will get a closed notification of the account, which means you have banned it.

Another way to remove a verified account is with a reporting bot. The banners have me personally, so I don’t use them, but it is good to massive report people, and since meta doesn’t ever look into this, the pages go down. For the past three years of me doing this, I never leaked this information, but I got tired of seeing innocent people go down and others getting paid for this because, YES, I used to get delivered anywhere from $2000-$10,000 to remove someone’s page.

I made about $300k just off banning and unbanning pages. With the unbanning process, there are a few corrupt employees inside Meta forces. Now it’s a 24-hour recovery, so they do not get their panel flagged. I pay them 50% of what the customer is paying and they bring down the account the majority of the time. It’s permanently deleted or just impersonation recovery.

Now let’s get started on the real deal.

To debadge a verified page- so when someone on the platform of Instagram is verified as a musician or entrepreneur, I will look through their press and see any suspicious articles. I will screenshot it along with the Spotify account of the monthly listeners, and I will submit it to some guy inside Meta that’s very helpful and nice under the name of Heiko Hebig.

He’s been around with Facebook for approximately 13 or more years since the start, and I email his private email (which I won’t name for privacy reasons). Then once I submit the account to Hebig, he will go and remove the badge.

I debadged over 3,000+ accounts last month because of an email I submitted to Meta lawyers, they saw everything that was going wrong with the fake Musician verification, and they finally decided to take action. Meta removed all the people who were falsely verified. Some even got a Cease and Desist, which means they get permanently deleted.

They are now forced to stop doing illegal activity around Instagram. Debadges that I do are not just musicians and entrepreneurs. I can do any Instagram account on the platform. There are reps at Meta who are also helping me with this apart from Hebig. There’s always someone who just takes payment and does them for me. I have had 15 or more employees get fired, but I always manage to get another one at Meta somehow. I explain to them the money they will be making to debadge and they always agree to work with me.

More to come tomorrow as OBN gives FACTZ Part 2 of an exclusive Op-Ed.


  • This mf is the dumb#st idiot, f#ck OBN, submitting this to every rep at META rn, bunch of horsesh#t…dumb f#ck fr 😂💩

  • This is complete and utter bullshit lol this guys a f#cking sh#t scammer and can’t do any of the above and has 0 relationship with meta lawyers and “hebig” he’s a con artist with Adam Quinn

  • That’s completely bullsh#t so here goes the run down few years ago two people under the name of obn and probation his former partner that he snaked goes by Abu Fahad they both where extorting and scamming people they would ban you and unban you for money one of them robbed me for 6k to verify one of my accounts and Brandon another for 15k to verify me as he said abu scammed and ran off on him brandon provided me proof where abu scammed so I believed it and paid Brandon if you wanna know more comment under this comment your telegram

    • That’s how I know your fken ret@rded me and abu would do the job legit we would get paid to ban people and then we would get paid to unban them legit, and your lying because the only clients who paid me 15k$ they still talk to me show me proof of payment telegram me lol

      • You and legit don’t even go in the same sentence, there’s not been a single
        Person in “Obn” that hasn’t been posted in a scam channel, including yourself. You have never talked to Hebig in your life stop the bullshit, you are legit a joke

  • First of all he didn’t perm Jay-Z, you guys are nut lovers Jay-Z cannot be permed by anyone besides meta, he personally got off. Same thing with Cardi B, they only banned Steve Will do it NON verified account which isn’t hard, and SYENRAI fucked Moserri IG, OBN can’t do anything

    • Me and homingsv2 did it you stupid idiot syenrai him self said it a while back he didn’t do the mosseri he just wanted to take the credit stfu pussy

  • OBN is the biggest scammer, Has scammed me for over $5,000. He can’t do anything he has said before there is even a big telegram channel on telegram exposing OBN brandon’s scams.

  • To put Hebig in such a false narrative is really, really unjustified and immoral. The guy did nothing (for you). He is generally a good person and is not debadging people and is not banning people. He only does this when someone is from a big business and the person who needs to be debadged/down violated IG TOS in an extremist way.

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