FACTZ Talks To Faith Ordway Before Partying In Los Angeles

After chatting it up with Harry Jowsey before his birthday bash in Los Angeles, FACTZ met up with content creator and young fighter, Faith Ordway. Ordway sported a black and green mini-dress designed by “Fashion Nova,” she laughed while telling us, with chunky white shoes and her hair down with a little wave.

Serotonin levels were high as Ordway joked with FACTZ about not having her ID and telling the bouncer to “Google her” to find out that her birthday was in fact the day before and she turned 22. She said to FACTZ, “Ay, you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. If you wanna know the age, my birthday was yesterday.”

Ordway stayed smiling big next to her friend who wore a black super cropped v-neck paired with loose-fitted pants and white/beige sneakers.

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