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FACTZ Merch Will Be Ready for Easy Christmas Gifts - Factz


FACTZ Merch Will Be Ready for Easy Christmas Gifts

Wondering what to get your Gen Z cousin this Christmas? Why not share the mutual love and buy him or her the FACTZ Black-on-Black Trucker?

Yes, our merch has names. Solo gold Z is named “Destiny” after the child, and the black-on-black FACTZ is named “Ye” after the Kanye. That and more will be available in our store … beanies and hoodies are in production. We make our own gear, so don’t worry, baby Gap will not drop me.

Every order will get a personal note from me, and I’m throwing in ten stickers for you to tag the walls of society.

We are hoping to have the FACTZ store live next week. Story developing.

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5 months ago

I would rock both of those! 🙌🏻

Sarah Hedge
Sarah Hedge
5 months ago

I want to buy one. Do you have a black Z one?

5 months ago

Yup 👍 I want a beanie is you have one

5 months ago

I would rock the black /yellow one.

5 months ago

Destiny please 🙂

5 months ago

Yeah for the stickers . I will do my best to publicly display them around Australia