FACTZ Meets Robo Dog And People Should Be Worried

It’s the “wild wild west” out here as technological innovation continues and this time, we’re talking about dogs.

We know, dogs are already perfect as they are (biased opinion maybe) but what world would this be if we didn’t put a technological twist on man’s best friend?

FACTZ spoke to Steve Reinharz who is a creator of the robo-dog evolution and although what he’s been working on is very cool, it comes with some caveats that he wasn’t shy to talk about.

Reinharz introduced us to Rad Dog, the robo-dog with him in Hollywood, and gave us the inside scoop on what this new technology could mean for society.

“Yes. 100 percent,” Reinharz said about people needing to withhold some fear towards this innovation. “The fact that there’s no regulation or controls. I am a guy who’s building these things for society right now and there are no real rules of what I can do and what I can’t do. And, I’m saying put some rules in place.”

Reinharz continued to explain, “Everything we do is transparent. Obviously, I’m here, I’m gonna answer every question you have, I’m gonna tell you the pluses and the minuses but not everybody’s like us.”

The robo-dog creator expressed his value in “opening up the dialogue and engagement” to establish rules in a transparent way that makes this new technological advancement a little less creepy and a little more trustworthy.

So, how could this type of technology be abused? FATZ wanted to know. “Well, we have a machine like this, and we use them in a security setting.” Reinharz explained, “You know, you can have this thing attack people, it can cause damage. I’m sure you’ve seen youtube videos where people put guns on them…” Adding in, “This could be the next weapon of mass destruction, it’s serious stuff.”

What do you think? Will you adopt a robo-dog into your home if some real rules get implemented.

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