Facebook’s Monopoly is Imploding, and it’s a Warning Sign to Other Would-be Over-Reachers

Facebook was once on top of the world.

The Facebook site itself led the charge into the modern era of social media platforms, taking the “meh” MySpace generation and plastering their whole lives online.

Instead of petering out like MySpace, Facebook just kept getting bigger. Soon, the parent company owned Instagram and WhatsApp – expanding their influence and dominating social media.

Soon, challengers like Twitter and TikTok began threatening their dominance, but it would be Facebook (now Meta)’s own hubris that would break its stride.

Or perhaps, more specifically, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook/Meta’s founder.

The company has been mismanaged for years and has failed to innovate to keep up with the times. Add that to a misguided and ill-fated attempt by Zuckerberg to create a “Ready Player One”-like virtual reality world known as the Metaverse, and you have all the signs of an impending tech company collapse.

A year or two ago, Meta’s fall from grace would have been nearly unthinkable – but here we are.

Billions of people still use the company daily, but there are signs that Meta could soon crack.


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