Facebook aka META is Forced to Pay $100 Million for Misuse of User Data

Make sure you don’t miss out on the cash grab. Facebook allegedly sold our personal data to the highest bidder and/or mislead the court about their actions with our data. Very shady. Now, like any other criminal organization, they have to pay the price. The court has created FBFF – Facebook Fair Fund.

Who is eligible to receive money: “Any person or entity that purchased FB on U.S. stock exchange during the period from January 28, 2016, through March 19, 2018.”

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is distributing $100 million in civil money penalties to be paid by META, formally Facebook, to settle their SEC charge of “misleading disclosures regarding the risk of misuse of Facebook user data.”

So if you want to actually be paid for the free content that’s making Zuck a billionaire many times over … call 866-578-3658. God bless your social media and lack of privacy.


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  • Shocking! You mean Zuck would actually do something dishonest like this. I mean after all he is the same guy that funded & sponsored one candidate during the election then had all posts censored to cater to what he wanted seen and anything that would be deemed negative to his parties choice was smacked with a “fact checker” label or removed.

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