Facebook and Instagram Have New Advertiser’s TOS – And You Should Pay Attention

As part of their transformation under the Meta umbrella, Facebook and Instagram have issued new Terms of Service, which will go into effect on January 3, 2023.

For the most part, the terms remain the same.

There’s a whole lot of control for Meta and not a whole lot for the person buying their services.

But there’s one significant change.

Under section 5, the agreement used to read, “From time to time, we need to test improvements to our audiences and delivery systems, which could impact your advertising. Our testing is designed to improve the effectiveness of your advertising performance. We reserve the right to test when we believe it will be beneficial for advertiser performance.”

Now, it reads: “You understand that, from time to time, we run tests on our Self-Serve Ad Interfaces and related systems, which may impact your use and experience thereof, including campaign performance. You acknowledge and agree that we may test as notified in these Terms, including to assess formatting, relevance, pricing, reporting, targeting, and delivery.”

In other words, they want you to realize that the money you spent on an ad campaign may be wasted in limbo as they test new features.

And believe them when they say they like to test systems – Meta under Zuckerberg is currently careening off a financial cliff as he attempts to pour his life’s work into the creation of Metaverse.

While Facebook and Instagram are currently insulated against Metaverse’s straight-to-the-bottom journey, Zuckerberg is going to rely on Facebook and Instagram advertising more than ever.

So expect delays, paused ad campaigns, and a lot of chaos. And that right, they reserve to debit you more than the agreed-upon amount? That’s sticking around.


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