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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Where Are the Gloves, Joe? - Chairman of the NAC, Stephen J. Cloobeck Shares the FACTZ - Factz


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Where Are the Gloves, Joe? – Chairman of the NAC, Stephen J. Cloobeck Shares the FACTZ

FACTZ caught up with Stephen J. Cloobeck outside of Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood and asked the chairman of the Nevada Athletic Commission for an update on the whereabouts of the boxing gloves that killed 20-year-old Nathan Valencia during an unsanctioned charity fight last year.

During the August commission meeting, Cloobeck railed Las Vegas Metro for their lack of due diligence in investigating the incident, publicly asking Sheriff Joe Lombardo, who was not present, “Where are the gloves, Joe?” demanding that they be turned in. 

“This has been happening for so many years in this way that nobody probably thought they were doing anything wrong. It’s just like, ‘Hey, this is amateur boxing. This is what we do.’ The kids go out and they’re having a good time,” Cloobeck told the commission in August. “A stop needs to come to these types of events without the proper medical personnel, without proper custody of gloves and a minimum, some pre-fight drug testing, because we just don’t need a bunch of college kids on all types of illicit drugs, getting in there, knocking each other around with the referee carrying a beer during the fight. That’s just an embarrassment from one end to the other.”

Of the importance of finding the gloves, Commission Anthony Marnell said, “Did anybody ever find the gloves? Did [he] offer where the gloves are? You cannot have a fighter, or 12 fighters wear the same pair of gloves for 12 fights, or eight fights or whatever it was … .”

Now almost two months after that outcry, the gloves are still missing.

“Has the Sheriff given over the gloves yet? You requested,” FACTZ asks.

“The Sheriff has not tendered the gloves yet,” Cloobeck responds.

“Why do you think there’s a delay there?” says FACTZ.

“The guy absolutely mucked up. It’s not political. He made a mistake. He asked the DA the wrong question,” jabs Cloobeck. “The DA is on top of it. I’ve talked to the DA.” 

Continues Cloobeck, “The Sheriff’s gonna have to show up at my next meeting next Tuesday, October 18. You’ll see what happens.” 

While on the topic of Nevada Athletics, FACTZ asked Cloobeck for his opinion on UFC head, Dana White.

“What do you think of Dana?” FACTZ asks. 

“I love Dana White. Dana, I love you,” Cloobeck says.

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5 months ago

Sucks to be Sheriff Joe this week. He’s getting destroyed LOLOL

Medium Rare
Medium Rare
5 months ago
Reply to  rooster

Vegas needs a new Sheriff yesterday. I’m afraid to even visit. All I read about is stabbings and murder.

5 months ago
Reply to  Medium Rare

One already elected just sitting there. He should take over NOW! The voters have spoken. Let Kevin M lead METRO …..NOW Call your County Commissioner.

Medium Rare
Medium Rare
5 months ago
Reply to  IronMan

Done. Thank you.

5 months ago
Reply to  rooster

True that son and ❤️ Dana White.