EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: BravoCon Takes Over NYC and Jen Shah Was All the BUZZ

New York City was taken over by tons of Bravo-holics this past weekend. #BravoCon was finally back after a 3-year hiatus selling out the Jacob Javitz Center for three days straight. With it being sold out, from the fans we talked to, many were disappointed by the “lack of organization” at the event.

Many felt BravoCon sold too many tickets and did not have enough staff. A few of the bars ran out of alcohol, and many of the stars who did meet and greets- either did not show or weren’t there for long, leaving people without the opportunity to meet their favorite Bravo star. The VIP ticket holders we spoke to were disappointed, seeing that there wasn’t much difference between a VIP ticket and a general admission ticket.

It seemed that the hottest place to hang out was at the hotel where all the guests stayed. You could meet all the celebrities as they were in good spirits. The hotel had to bring in extra security and guard rails to deal with all the Bravo fans hanging out all day and night, waiting to catch a glimpse of the stars.

The buzz spotting was “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Jen Shah. She wasn’t invited to BravoCon. Shah was arrested in March 2021 for allegedly running a nationwide telemarketing scheme that targeted hundreds of people, predominantly the elderly. Andy Cohen insinuated at BravoCon 2022 on Sunday that Shah will no longer be on the Bravo reality show after pleading guilty to fraud in July. Shah was seen hanging and dancing on the rooftop party at their hotel.

On Twitter, she had a pretty wild post. “Anyone believing I crashed anyone’s party needs a reality check; I am the party,” she wrote. “Also, I’m getting paid for Bravocon; stop worrying about where I’m at. It wasn’t have been worth my time if I wasn’t at your event, party, or panel. Thank you for keeping my name in your mouth and trending.”

No word where the money came from during BravoCon however, since she was not an invited member, she was able to do outside work, unlike the invited talent of Bravo. There was a moment when the Bravo Car service was outside the hotel, and Jen tried to jump in one of the Bravo cars, but security was already on to her and did not allow her into the car.

Overall the event was a significant success, as Bravo took over the headlines this past weekend, and people got to see their favorite reality stars drunk and start fights with each other. Mazel Andy Cohen!


  • This over selling of tickets for events and lack of staff is a worldwide trend. I have been attending events locally in Australia and every single time there is massive crowds, lack of services and long queues for food and drinks and then they run out halfway through the event.

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