EXCLUSIVE: Television Shows Want Nothing To Do with Famed Pastor Joel Osteen

Pastor and televangelist Joel Osteen is somewhat famous in his home state of Texas, but when it comes to the national media, everyone is trying to stay far away.

FACTZ has learned Osteen is having trouble being booked on television shows as he used to these days. He has been on national morning shows, but now the phone is not being answered when his publicists call.

The controversial pastor has been negatively showcased in the media for how he handled Hurricane Harvey, not making his gigantic church available as an emergency shelter. He has also said that homosexuality is a “sin.”

Joel has an enormous home that costs him 10.5 million dollars. He says he relies upon all his income from book sales and does not take a salary from the church, which brings in a lot of money.

Last year, a plumber was doing repairs at the church and found a large sum of money in the walls. This past June, three abortion activists stripped down to their underwear to interrupt service.

With all the controversy surrounding him, bookers for television programs find the risk of having him on their show not even worth it. With some of the bigger morning shows, his team in advance tells them the things they cannot ask him, specifically around Roe v Wade, scandals, and politics- which makes him a tedious guest.

One of the morning show producers tells FACTZ, “If he spoke up regarding the topics people want to hear, we would have him on, but we aren’t going to put on a commercial for him.”


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