Publicists Advising Celebrity Clients NOT to Stay at Trump International Hotel

The Trump International Hotel in NYC will no longer be a celebrity hotspot as publicists ensure their clients do not stay at the famed hotel.

Publicists warn their clients not to stay at the hotel for fear of being seen or photographed exiting the hotel. They fear that they can be associated as a “Trump supporter” by staying at the hotel and that the media would do a story connecting them to Trump.

The hotel itself is beautiful as it is a Forbes five-star hotel with a 2 Michelin-Starred restaurant, Jean-Gorges, located inside. Location-wise, you are located next to great stores and have amazing views of Central Park. But now, this fantastic hotel will no longer have the star power it once had.

Past hotel guests have been Magic Johnson, Aerosmith, Janet Jackson, Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg, and many more, but these guests are now staying at other hotels within the area. FACTZ talked to a Trump International hotel employee, “it’s sad because the hotel really has Trump’s name on it and had nothing to do with his politics. The guests loved this place but now have to go to hotels that aren’t as good.”

Sadly, this hasn’t affected room rates as an average night stay at the hotel will still cost you around one thousand dollars.


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