EXCLUSIVE: Los Angeles Rams Lose but Druski Wins with Multi-Million Dollar Happy Dad Deal

Happy Dad, in a BOSS move, decided on SoFi Stadium as their location of choice to sign their new talent Druski.

FACTZ has seen some boring contract-signing locations (besides Nik Richie on a yacht in the South of France) … however this one takes the cake as comedian Druski signs and the crowd cheers. It must be for him because it definitely wasn’t for the Rams.

For the record – the LA Rams did get blown out by the Dallas Cowboys 22-10 on this historic Sunday.

A source in attendance told FACTZ, “Kyle [Forgeard] is so pumped on this signing after dealing with the whole Bob [Menery] mess. The #HappyDad and #FullSend team is getting stronger and Druski brings a fresh face with huge star power to the franchise.”

For those wondering what Happy Dad is:

“Happy Dad was founded in 2021 by a wild group of friends that wanted to make the best-tasting hard seltzer. We enjoy drinking beer & seltzer but don’t like the strange aftertaste and high carbonation from other hard seltzers. Also, holding a skinny can isn’t cool. After tons of tastings, we know we made the best hard seltzer for our friends and us. Happy Dad is easy to drink, has low carbonation, refreshing with simple and delicious flavors in a regular can. We are tired of the skinny can bullshit.”

Yes, this is an honest company with family values. The fat can decided.


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