EXCLUSIVE: Kanye West Plans to Go Full Conservative

We apologize in advance—another Kanye West story.

FACTZ broke to you the story that his latest publicist has resigned from her position. Working with West was just a lot of work and complex as it can affect future industry careers. Well, West is officially looking for not just a publicist but conservative advisors with political experience.

Our sources tell FACTZ that West feels that going the conservative route is an excellent direction to become an artist. Last night in Nashville, West attended Candace Owen’s film premiere, appearing alongside Ray J and very conservative musician Kid Rock.

But there is one major issue that West is having with looking for a new media consultant.

People are afraid to text and take meetings with Kanye West because he records everything and screenshots private text messages. They are worried that their private conversations will be used against them.

FACTZ had learned that cell phones were set up to record the interactions between Tucker Carlson’s team and Kanye West even before they started shooting and walking around the offices. West likes to film as much as possible in case he wants to use the footage for a documentary at some point. This past weekend, he even had a recording team at his child’s soccer game.

By the time we publish this story, it’s very possible West will do something else to make headlines.


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