EXCLUSIVE Hot Pics: French Model Tao Wickrath Invades Las Vegas

In my desperate attempt to make Tao Wickrath uber-famous so we can hold hands one day. Here she is at Resorts World Las Vegas for the close of pool season. Yes, substantial natural body parts with a wicked torso. Wickrath is not messing around.

Leo, don’t steal this one. And no, I was not in attendance (nobody invited me). Which is weird since Resorts World Las Vegas is my second home, and I got Jared Garcia a raise. Regardless, this is a sign that Wickrath and I must Zouk together.

Here are some more long lens shots of the future supermodel. The world is welcome.

FACTZ can confirm that Tao Wickrath also attended Tao Beach. Tao at Tao. Not only can she eat pizza, but she can also pretend to swim like a champion.

Love story developing.


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