EXCLUSIVE: Fox News Executives LIVID about Leaked Tucker/Kanye Interview Edits

Fox executives are investigating how the leaked edits of the Tucker Carlson/Kanye West interview ended up at Vice.

Both parties’ camps are very upset about this but feel as the best parts of the interview were left in for the public.

FACTZ has learned that Fox News had no idea about Kanye West’s feelings on the controversial remarks he has said about the Jewish community as his very offense comments came out after the interview, therefore they don’t feel like they did anything wrong.

They are less focused on the actual edited content rather more concerned about who is sending out content that was not intended to be released to the public.

However, there is obviously a production issue with the privacy of the interviews. From what FACTZ understands, all video footage from Fox News gets put into a public library to which everyone in production has access.

A Fox News executive tells FACTZ, “it’s obvious someone had access to the video, filmed it on their cell phone and leaked to a controversial website such as Vice.”

The solution Fox News is looking to do is make these videos more private- encrypted, password-protected access. From what we are told, Fox News is looking for a solid contact at Vice to reveal the leaker’s name on Tucker Carlson’s show.

Story developing.


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