EXCLUSIVE: Facebook Employees Mock Mark Zuckerberg’s Obsessive ‘Metaverse’ Concept

Since Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg decided he would create the alternate reality platform “Metaverse,” he’s been laser-focused on its creation.

Pouring nearly all of Meta’s resources into creating the virtual reality game/social meetup/other platform, Zuckerberg has seen company stocks tank and his wealth plummet.

As costs rise, Facebook employees are reportedly mocking Zuckerberg’s obsession.

FACTZ reports suggesting that employees are fed up with Zuckerberg’s shifting priorities that seem to change on a “whim,” with one senior lead complaining that the amount of money spent on Metaverse projects has made him “sick to my stomach.”

Staffers tell FACTZ that the ongoing projects are to “make Mark happy,” calling metaverse projects “MMH” (Make Mark Happy).

No joke.


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