EXCLUSIVE: Domestic Violence Charges Dropped for ‘Shahs of Sunset’ Star Mike Shouhed

We’ve seen it happen in other situations: when drama causes a show to get canceled or change its plans, the person at the center of the current controversy catches all the heat. But the truth is that Shahs of Sunset was canceled three months before the alleged incident. It “wasn’t appropriately announced,” according to production. “Mike [Shouhed]’s case had ZERO to do with the closeout of Shahs.”

FACTZ spoke with Mike Shouhed, “This was a huge misunderstanding. The facts proved this, and I just had to be patient with the process.”

Shouhed was arrested last March for allegedly “roughing up” his fiancé, Paulina Ben-Cohen. Note that Cohen did not file any claims, and the charges were made by a person attending the same gathering. No violence was incurred, but that’s not how the process works. Someone makes the call, and the cops show up and find guns in the locked master bedroom to bring charges.

Shouhed struck a deal with the DA which requires him to follow through on a number of actions, including anger management classes, parenting classes, performing community service, and completing a gun safety course (Shouhed also faced multiple weapons charges, which included criminal storage of a loaded firearm and possession of an assault weapon).

As long as Shouhed follows up with those agreed-upon terms, he won’t have to plead to any charges.

Shouhed’s attorney, George Mgdesyan, told TMZ last night, “In this case, the DA didn’t bring this case because they saw the facts like I did. If this case was brought to trial, the prosecution would not be able to prove it. All my client’s guns were legal in his bedroom, which was locked with a keypad. No one was allowed in the master bedroom.”

His lawyer added, “It was unfortunate that there was one weapon registered to my client before laws changed, and it was a technical violation. However, the City Attorney’s Office charged him with gun charges. In light of the offer, he was not convicted and will earn a dismissal that’s in his best interest because the domestic violence charges were dismissed. We would proceed to trial if the domestic violence charges were not dismissed. It was a no-brainer.”

FACTZ can also confirm Republican spin-off show ‘Reza and friends’ which was pitched to be filmed in Florida, has been scrapped.


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