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EXCLUSIVE: BravoCon 2022 Will Not Allow Talent to Make Extra Money This Weekend - Factz


EXCLUSIVE: BravoCon 2022 Will Not Allow Talent to Make Extra Money This Weekend

After a two-year hiatus, pleasing many reality tv lovers, BravoCon comes back to New York City this weekend, October 14th-16th.  The event contains Bravo-themed photo ops, panels among the many television show, a live taping of Watch What Happens Live, and more.

Busy weekend to be a Bravo star, but the stars are upset because they aren’t allowed to do side work making money this weekend.

“Yes, we are getting paid to be there, and we will be at all scheduled events, but it’s upsetting Bravo won’t let us make extra money this weekend with side hustles when we have the time,” a Bravo star tells FACTZ exclusively.

According to the source, Bravo will not allow talent to do an appearance at a bar, nightclub, or store as they want to keep attendees, many of whom are flying in for the weekend at the Javits Center.

Bravo wants you to spend money at their event, not someone elses.

Bravo talent is looking to find interesting ways around it, monetizing every way they can win this weekend by charging podcasts to host an appearance fee to be on their show, organic posts on social, and more.

“It just sucks that we put our whole life on television for Bravo, and when we try to do a few things to make an extra few bucks, we are not allowed,” another Bravo Housewife tells FACTZ.

The event will be held on October 14th-16th and is completely sold out.

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Medium Rare
Medium Rare
5 months ago

Housewives already make enough money to do nothing all day. I’m with Bravo on this one.

5 months ago

Never heard of it and it sounds unnecessary.

Medium Rare
Medium Rare
5 months ago
Reply to  Nightowl

It’s the biggest event in NYC. Bravo makes $10 million in one weekend.

5 months ago

I kinda get that because they want the talent to focus I. The event and not their side hustle.