EXCLUSIVE: Bob Menery Wakes Up to Regret – Makes HUGE Apology to All FANS

When Bob Menery parted ways with the Nelk Boys and the Full Send Podcast, it seemed as though things would end quietly. There was almost no mention on social media. Menery just went his own way and planned on re-launching his own podcast.

Nelk’s Kyle Forgeard seemed equally eager to just move on and not make a big deal out of it – but things went sideways yesterday.

Catch up here:

Menery started the drama by claiming that he was owed a significant sum of money – and that he was the one who brought all of the guests to the show.

Forgeard, clearly fed up and upset at having to turn on his former best friend, systematically addressed every accusation Menery made – roundly thrashing what he suggests are lies and explaining exactly how much money Menery made. Forgeard went so far as to share a copy of a contract to prove how much Menery was entitled to.

Dana White then joined the fray, telling Menery to “keep me out of your crybaby bullshit.” White admits that Menery did, in fact, introduce him to Forgeard but that he’s been adequately compensated and needs to move on and “STFU.”

This morning, it would seem that Menery is seeing things through new eyes (probably at least somewhat sober) and has some regrets. While it may seem like Kanye West’s speechwriter got ahold of Menery’s social media – it’s all Bob. He took to Instagram with a story that began, “Soo ughh yeah. Yesterday happened.” He explains that his volatile response yesterday has led to anxiety for him but that “I stood up for myself.”

Menery then explained that he would “let the smart guys handle it” from here and that he had been destroyed by the way things ended and the friends he lost along the way.

Menery goes on to add, “Should of taken the right I’m taking now from the beginning. That’s on me. Sorry if I let anyone down with letting my emotions get the best of me.”

However, even though he has regrets, Menery adds, “I STAND by what I said.” Menery credits White with talking him down off the emotional ledge and making him realize that he’s not handling things well.

At least somebody got through to him.

FACTZ did (finally) communicate with Menery, who was in a happy mood and admitted he is a fan of FACTZ, stating jokingly, “I am Bob West. I wish you nothing but the best, Nik. Truly.”


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