EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes of the Tucker Carlson and Kanye West Interview

FACTZ broke the story about the friendship between Kanye West and Tucker Carlson. Explaining how they have been trying to set up an interview between the two for a long time. TMZ confirmed our story the next day. Thank you. With West making headlines with his “White Lives Matter” t-shirt, it was the perfect opportunity for the two to sit down, but FACTZ has been granted the exclusive “lo-down” on how it went down.

As we told you, Kanye West recently hired 50 Cent’s publicist and has been doing more interviews than usual for himself. While seeing his name in the headlines, West knew this would be a perfect opportunity to keep the momentum by speaking with Tucker Carlson.

West wanted an immediate sit-down and had the Carlson team fly across the country for the interview within 24 hours of acceptance. Our sources in the West’s camp tell FACTZ that this was supposed to be a 30-minute interview. However, the two hit it off and spent 2 hours talking.

But West being the perfectionist he is, wanted to have final oversight on how the interview was going to be done, wanted to show off his warehouse, and wanted a tranquil setting with no distractions. No people in the room.

The two had a great conversation in person, as if they had been talking for years. Our source within Kanye West’s camp told FACTZ, “Kanye admires Tucker a lot and generally gets a kick out of him. I can see them doing more stuff together.”

During the interview, they cover everything from his wild t-shirt, ex-wife Kim Kardashian, Corey Gamble, and more.

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