Evander Kane Chronicles: Jane Doe’s ‘Breach of Oral Contract’ and ‘Fraud’ Complaint Over Three Abortions with NHL Player

And the beat goes on. Evander Kane Chronicles continues to grow as the Superior Court of California in Santa Monica sets a hearing date for Jane Doe vs. Evander Kane for February 3, 2023. The NHL and the Edmonton Oilers have stayed quiet on Kane’s misgivings. However, FACTZ will not stop until social justice is served.

Jane Doe has filed a complaint for damages that tackles the following items- breach of oral contract, fraud, misrepresentation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, promissory estoppel, and quantum meruit.

When Jane Doe had relations with Evander Kane, he played for the San Jose Sharks. They met around December 2015 and began sexual ties in January 2016. Jane Doe was not using birth control and requested Kane wear condoms. Kane refused, explaining to Jane Doe that he did not like the sensation. As a result of sexual relations, Jane Doe became pregnant.

Kane insisted that she abort the pregnancy, and Jane Doe felt the pressure to terminate the pregnancy.

Around October 13, 2017, Jane Doe and Kane were pregnant again. Jane Doe refused to terminate as the last abortion took a significant toll on her body. Kane again told Jane Doe that this baby would ruin his hockey career. He also told Jane Doe that he had a girlfriend and worried this would end his relationship with said girlfriend. After weeks of pressure from Kane, Jane Doe aborted the baby at or near 11 weeks pregnant.

As a result of the second abortion, Jane Doe experienced physical and mental harm.

On May 13, 2018, Kane and Jane Doe had sexual relations, which led to a third pregnancy. Jane Doe told Kane she intended to bring this pregnancy to term. Kane offered $1,000,000.00 to Jane Doe to terminate the baby. Jane Doe refused.

Kane texted Jane Doe, “This will ruin my career I know,” and “I’m begging you please.” Kane allegedly continued to bully Jane Doe to abort for the third time.

On or around June 4, 2018, Kane agreed to pay Jane Doe $3,000,000.00 to terminate the pregnancy.  Kane and Jane Doe had reached an agreement, and over the following weeks, Jane Doe took injections to terminate the pregnancy. By June 29, 2018, Jane Doe received a final confirmation that the termination of pregnancy was complete.

Once Evander Kane knew the pregnancy was terminated, he refused to honor his agreement to pay Jane Doe to terminate the pregnancy. Now Jane Doe is requesting $6,000,000.00, equivalent to child support for the three children.

The story is developing now that the Edmonton Oilers just signed Kane to a four-year deal worth $20.5 million.


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