Another Epstein Cohort Found Dead, Putting the Truth Farther Out of Reach

If you’re into white collar crimes, no one is as fascinating, and fucking revolting, as Jeffrey “Pedo King” Epstein. Hollywood and Washington fixer for all those pesky pedophile needs, Epstein is known the world over for being a world class scumbag and the key to unlocking a treasure horde of horrible secrets about the world’s rich and powerful.

So every time one of his buddies takes a swan dive off a tall building, you have to wonder how close investigators are getting to something important, and it’s happened again. “Another one,” DJ Kahled voice.

FACTZ has inquired about purchasing Little St. James island to blow-up and royally sage. We have a cash offer pending. Stay tuned … anyway.

Steven Hoffenberg, a mentor to Epstein and former New York Post manager was found dead when Connecticut police stumbled upon his rotting corpse during a wellness check, which sounds like a rough Tuesday. Police say “it’s not clear” when he died and they were responding to a wellness check of the 77-year-old requested by a friend.

New York Post says, “No cause of death has been revealed, but police said there were no immediate signs of trauma to his body.” Of course, let’s talk about the fact that Epstein’s death was ruled a suicide – so forgive FACTZ for calling “bullshit.” A Derby PD spokesperson said, “Every indication is that it is Mr. Hoffenberg. There’s nothing to suggest that it isn’t. We believe it’s him. We’re just waiting for the dental records.” Oh so it could be someone else’s randomly rotting body located in his home? Hey in the world of Epstein, bodies are a dime a dozen so why not.

Police say the body was “in a state where a visual identification could not be made” which is all well and good, but if it sounds like a horse, looks like a horse, and doesn’t have any stripes, why pretend it’s a zebra?

Hoffenberg spent 18 years in prison after being sentenced to 20 for a ponzi scheme he claims Epstein was in on. Epstein of course, got off scot-free and spent those same nearly two decades raping little girls and serving them up for the world’s richest monsters, hi Bill. I’m not saying that would give Hoffenberg ample reason to be disgruntled with his old bestie and turn against him, but I’m saying I wouldn’t blame him if he was a little pissed.

Hoffenberg described his relationship with Epstein as “my colleague daily, seven days a week,” and it must have stung when he took the fall and Epstein was set free to assault another day. Now that he’s dead, whatever secrets he was hiding die with him, and with Ghislaine cold to investigators, pedo island secrets live to hide another day.

Story developing … let us hope I don’t die by exposing THE TRUTH!

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