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Emily Wilson's 'Pronouns Rant' Hits Seven Million Views on Twitter in Four Days - Factz



Emily Wilson’s ‘Pronouns Rant’ Hits Seven Million Views on Twitter in Four Days

Emily Wilson is on the verge of cancellation or breakthrough. Her ride-along videos have been extremely controversial to the left, and now she is under a viral attack for her ‘pronouns’ video.

FACTZ is not condoning her behavior and is scheduled to have her on the debut of the FACTZ Podcast to see if she really believes this stuff in her heart or if she is manipulating the public for engaged viewership.

Yes, yours truly will be sitting down with Wilson to get the FACTZ.

She has gone to Instagram to quote the famous Ricky Gervais, “How arrogant are you to think that you deserve to go through life with no one ever saying anything that you don’t agree with or like?”

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13 days ago

She’s not wrong.