Emily Ratajkowski Says ‘#MeToo Has Not Changed Things’

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski took to social media this week with a hot take that is raising some eyebrows.

In a video she shared on social media, Ratajkowski says, “‘#MeToo’ has not changed things in the world. Cancel culture has not changed things. All we have now are men who are afraid of consequences.”

She explains that as a parent, you don’t want children to do the right thing because they fear the consequences of the wrong thing – you want them to choose to do the right thing because it’s right.

“You want them to not hit other kids because they have empathy and they understand that hurting other kids is not nice because it will hurt those kids, and they don’t wanna hurt other kids.”

Ratajkowksi says that MeToo produced a world where men are afraid of getting caught, “they don’t actually understand fundamentally why they need to change their actions. So that’s not progress.”

Ratajkowski’s perspective may be controversial, but she’s not alone – many people are raising red flags over this alarming disconnect between actions and empathy.

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  • Injustice, poverty, bad culture have been with human society for thousands of years. But today we can read history and learn from the experiences of the past and change our behavior

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