Emily Ratajkowski Gets Dating Advice From Nelly Furtado

Emily Ratajkowski shared a bonding moment with Nelly Furtado over getting back into the dating game. The model and the singer chatted it up on Ratajkowski’s podcast, High Low.

Ratajkowski told Furtado “Since I’ve been single, it’s been about a year.” Furtado followed up, “You’re having the one-year dating fatigue.” Explaining,” I’m now past the one-year mark. So now, I’m like, you just re-evaluate. And then, but then it kicks into high gear and gets more fun.”

The strawberry-blonde model admitted to being “good” at the moment but the singer reminded her that once she starts to get busy again she’ll be more energized to get back into it.

Ratajkowski laughed, “I love Nelly Furtado giving me dating advice. I love it.”

Ratajkowski asked Furtado, “How do you meet people?” Furtado laughed and said, “I meet people, well, the same way you do probably.” To which they both bonded over “DM’s” being their main point of contact for meeting new potential love interests.