Elon Musk Going Through Security Hell

Elon Musk is making it insanely difficult for paparazzi and autographers to get him while he is in NYC.

The new head man of Twitter is in the City, taking meetings at the Twitter office and seeing his mother. He also attended Heidi Klum’s big Halloween party.

When people got word that Musk’s plane landed in NY, they were lucky to run into him at the NY Twitter office. But Musk doesn’t make it easy for photographers and autographers to get a piece of the most valuable man of the moment.

Musk has been riding around NYC with a large security crew that doesn’t roll around like the average Secret Service entourage.

Musk’s security dresses like they are going to an Atlantic City Bachelor Party and driving around in standard cars, from Escalades to Minivan. Elon is driving in a Tesla as the other vehicles follow ahead and behind.

Yes, gas guzzlers protecting an electric vehicle.

When Musk left the Twitter office the other day in NYC, he was being chased by rabid fans. An autograph by Musk is going for thousands of dollars, making it very valuable to collectors. Security had to jump out of the cars and stand in front of traffic, so people could not follow.

The security detail was forced to drive the opposite way on one-way streets to avoid being followed by fans. It’s that wild.

**The video footage is from September 24, 2020 … looks like the Kanye West ‘world domination’ plans have been in the works for a hot minute.

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