Elon Musk Delays Twitter Verification Until After Midterms

Elon Musk loves to cause chaos, but it would seem that there’s a limit to how far he’s willing to push public goodwill.

Although his plan to charge $7.99 monthly for a verified Twitter account hasn’t been popular, people seem to be coming around to the idea.

But the potential for any moves he makes on Twitter to affect the midterm elections seems to be a bridge too far for even champion shit-stirrer Musk, who wants to hold off on any significant changes until after the midterms are done.

The New York Times cited an internal memo that revealed that Musk is putting the policy change on hold (for now) over concerns that his verification service could cause the spread of fake news across Twitter, influencing voters dangerously ahead of the polls.

Twitter employees have been pushing back since the new program was first announced, with at least one employee in the internal Slack channel asking why the company was “making such a risky change before elections, which has the potential of causing election interference.”

It would seem that the higher-ups listened and are pausing the significant change for now.

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