Dream Hotel and Tao Group Make Cross Complaint against Merriman and Crew, Warwick Fires Back with ‘Unclean Hands’

Dream Hotel and Tao Group Holdings are asking for complete indemnity in the wrongful death case of Kim Fattorini, brought against Shawne Merriman, Monica Maass, Elias Wehbe, Warwick L.A., The Highlight Room and J.P. Castro. In a cross-complaint filed in August, Dream/Tao lawyers filed for Apportionment of Fault, Declaratory Relief and Indemnification. In a response to that Warwick replied with 17 heated defense claims including general denial and failure to state cause of action, failure to mitigate damages, good faith, no damages, Estoppel and unclean hands—our favorite—and many more.

Here is your legal lesson for today—the unclean hands doctrine alleges there is inequitable behavior that is related to the subject matter of the litigation. Hmmmm.

Were Merriman and Webhe peddling drugs to women at the Dream and TAO Group venues? Most likely. Were they doing the same thing at Warwick? Most likely. Does that make everyone liable? We will leave that to the judge to decide, as our law degree was earned by watching 599,867 Judge Judy episodes.

What we do know: No part of Kim’s death has been equitable—the exploitation and aiding by Webhe nor the drugging and negligence by Merriman—and all the Hollywood hotspots they torched in their desire for illicit pleasures.

And as a reminder, alleged by one of his friends … “Shawn killed her ass, what a fucking idiot / That dumb ass been drugging girls for years.”


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