Donald Trump Makes Surprise Trip to DC and Speculation of Impending Arrest Runs Rampant

If you’re the former President of the United States, you don’t go anywhere for no reason.

When Donald Trump made a surprise visit to Washington DC over the weekend, only his second since leaving after January 2021, people were curious.

The fact that he arrived wearing a polo shirt and golf cleats only raised curiosity further.

People immediately began speculating that he was there to be arrested. One reporter who noted him disembarking from the plane dressed for golf suggested that – hey, maybe he’s just heading to the golf course.

Turns out he was. Trump was spotted at his Virginia golf course, huddled around with some of his most trusted legal advisors.

As one can imagine, this didn’t do much to dispel the “Trump’s going to prison” rumors.

Because as the group moved through the course, they were conspicuously avoiding doing one obvious thing – golfing.

That’s right, they were all just shooting the breeze, looking like someone killed their aunts and not golfing on a golf course. While dressed in golf gear. Getting on their little golf carts, riding around, getting off and chatting, and then getting back on without a single swing. Totally normal.

Sure, that’s what happened.

Former White House lawyer Ty Cobb was among those huddled with the former POTUS, leading many to speculate that he’s seeking urgent advice ahead of what some suspect will be a Department of Justice indictment. Others think it’s a pretty big damned leap.

Can’t they just leave the man and his “I ride planes wearing golf shoes” weirdo fashion alone? Let him be a Nelk Boy.

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