Trump May Have Just Admitted to A(nother) Crime in FL, Helping DeSantis Win in 2018

Being a lawyer for Donald Trump is probably one of the worst jobs on the planet.

Never moreso than today.

Yesterday, Trump blew minds across the world as he took a stab at Florida Gov Ron DeSantis (who is wildly popular right now) in an attempt to weaken him ahead of a planned “mystery” announcement on Nov 15. Everyone knows he’s planning to announce his candidacy in 2024, but everyone’s pretending they don’t know.

But it’s what Trump said he did to help DeSantis that has jaws dropping everywhere.

Trump said, “Ron DeSanctimonious” (charming new nickname) is an “average” governor who was “politically dead” before Trump called the cavalry and rallied to raise him in the polls ahead of the 2018 election.

Then he went all-in on this “DeSantis owes me” spiel, admitting he committed a crime to help DeSantis win.

“I was all in for Ron, and he beat Gillum, but after the Race, when votes were being stolen by the corrupt Election process in Broward County, and Ron was going down ten thousand votes a day, along with now-Senator Rick Scott, I sent in the FBI and the U.S. Attorneys, and the ballot theft immediately ended, just before them running out of the votes necessary to win. I stopped his Election from being stolen.”

So let’s recap. That crime he’s been accused of committing in Georgia (election interference), he may have just admitted to engaging in Florida.

Trump has hinted before that he has dirt on DeSantis, and if this is the dirt he’s saying he’s been holding onto – well, it would be a doozy.

Trump could be capable of taking them both down to soothe his ego, but even so, it’s a remarkably stupid admission to make publicly.

Good luck to Trump’s lawyers. They’re going to need it.

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