Donald Trump Charged Secret Service ‘Exorbitant’ Rates When They Stayed at His Hotels, Records Show

When you’re the President and you stay in your own hotel, why not make some money – right?

At least, that was the planet of one former POTUS, Donald Trump.

A new report shows that when the Secret Service stayed at Trump’s hotels to protect him, he charged them (and via them, the government) “exorbitant” amounts.

According to expense records newly obtained by Congress, that includes charging the Secret Service up to five times over the government rate for agents to stay overnight at Trump properties.

According to the records, in 40 cases, the Trump Organization billed the Secret Service far more than the approved government rate, in one case charging $1,185 a night to stay at the Trump International Hotel in DC.

The US taxpayers paid the former President’s company at least $1.4M for his Secret Service detail to stay in his own properties.


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