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DNA Technology Used to Find Suspect in 1984 Rape and Attempted Murder - Factz


DNA Technology Used to Find Suspect in 1984 Rape and Attempted Murder

Technology is changing the landscape of criminal investigation every year.

And this year, advancing DNA technology was able to identify a rape and attempted murder suspect from a 1984 crime.

After years of investigation, 59-year old James Frederick Wilson of Columbia, North Carolina, has been arrested for a crime he was suspected of back in 1984, and briefly arrested for but let go of over insufficient evidence.

DNA evidence led to his re-arrest, and he’s now being held in Iredell County Jail in NC on a $1 million bond.

The March 24, 1984 assault comprised of a man grabbing the victim and holding her at knifepoint. The suspect then drove her to the dead-end of Wellington Drive in Columbia where he parked his car, raped her, and attempted to murder her with a knife.

He damaged her trachea and vocal cords, but she survived. At the hospital, police were able to gather evidence of the sexual assault which was later used by CPD detective Renee Wilbarger.

The victim has been informed of his arrest. Police believe he may have committed other crimes, and they have opened a tip line of anyone has information to report. The tip line can be reached at 573-874-7400, or by email at ColumbiaPoliceTipLine@CoMo.Gov.

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