Factz.com Disclaimer

Although Factz.com believes accuracy to be important, this is not a traditional news website.  Information provided by this website is not intended to be a statement of factual certainty.  Some news and some facts are provided in the articles on this website, but they are infused with opinion and rhetorical hyperbole.

You should not take anything here as 100% factual.  The name “Factz” should not be taken to mean “Facts”, any more that “Federal Express” is run by the U.S. government or “Old Navy” is a retirement home for sailors.  It isn’t.  It’s just a name.

Why do we say this? For the same reason your shampoo bottle tells you not to consume the shampoo—lawyers.  Only a lawyer to an abject moron would sue a shampoo company for poisoning, and yet it happens.  So, this is for the greedy lawyers to the abject morons who would try to sue us over something published here.

Lawyer—we said “Factz”, not “Facts”, and don’t you dare misrepresent this to any court at the risk of us filing a grievance against you.  If your client wants to sue us, it will be deemed an admission they are an abject moron and consent to label them as such, and the same goes for you if you actually bring such a case.