Director Kevin Smith Tells FACTZ His Film Mallrats Was Labeled a Huge Mistake

FACTZ caught up with famed director Kevin Smith to see why he is allegedly moving out of Los Angeles and he was quick to correct the media that he just downsized to a place in Studio City, CA. He said, “Not getting out of LA, we just got a place in Studio City.”

Smith also drops a bunch of the following FACTZ:

  • “Selling the house we have been living in for 22 years, its 8,000 sq ft., it’s just two of us.”
  • “I can’t complain about my career, it was so f–king smoothly.”
  • “When Mallrats came out it tanked hard… ten years later people forgot about that and now it’s one of the most celebrated movies I ever made.”
  • “Even the failures can come around and turn into successes.”